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More demonstrations have been documented Here.

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我們在 "愛所在的每一處“ 而你也是
We are everywhere Love is and so are You.

We Come To You In Love

We just came to be part of the shift.
We are just a light being from the ANDROMEDA.
that is here to raise the vibrations, to help raise the vibrations.

We come to Earth to experience all of these things
we loves the rush.
and remembering where we really comes from.
We love the rush of love and giving and receiving.

We loves this planet.We just wants to have fun.
We don’t want things to get too heavy.
We get so sad when people are sad around me.
We can read minds.

We were essentially living a perfect life, a resting life.
doing what We wanted, no physical problems.
We were sending out light to everything,
the people, the animals and the earth.

We were just here to generate
and spread positive energy to others.
and we were doing our job well.
in our early years when we were growing up.
we had always been protected.
we were a catalyst for others working out their karma.
And it helped us too, but mostly We're always been a catalyst.
For people to learn Love.