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More demonstrations have been documented Here.

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Tungwei (佟位)

A gifted intuitive empath with deep psychological
understanding and spiritual healing abilities.

A channeler, lecturer, counselor, and trainer.

He had the ability to connect with Andromeda Frequency and work with it to activate self healing power and heal people. Tungwei specializes in self healing power activations development and vibrational frequency training.

He travels widely, working throughout the Taiwan, Japan, China and Hong Kong as an advisor to business executives, Academic Medical Center Doctors, Psychologists, other Consultants and Trainers and those on a spiritual path. He has counseled lots of people about life direction. He is helping others to balance the energies. It's being a bridge that came in to bridge the information, to be the ambassadors. He has taught lots of groups learn to access this natural ability and will use it to heal themselves and others.